Would you like to contribute to this open source project. Some guidelines on how to do are listed below

Working with the Repo

Ensure you work with the latest Develop branch from here

Working with the code

See IDE Setup for instructions on how to get setup with an IDE

Creating Issues

Please open all issues here

Please ensure you have first searched to see if a similar issue is already listed, Then please leave a comment directly on that issue, or use a reaction

Please include the following with any issues

  • Operating System you are running goingok on.
  • Please include the specs of the machine that is hosting goingok
  • Include any relevant information on how it is running (Docker, AWS etc..).
  • Please include any relevant errors that are showing, Copy and paste into the issue.
  • Briefly describe what you were doing when the error was encountered.

Pull Requests

Please ensure you have pulled the latest changes on the Dev branch here

All pull requests to be created on the develop branch here

Document Last Updated on 28/03/2019