How to edit documentation

We use Paradox to automatically build the documentation.

Paradox documentation

The source files for the documentation is stored under goingok/documentation.

There are 3 folders in the /documentation directory which include the 3 sections that you see on the left.


You will notice that within each folder is an file which will tell paradox the child pages of that directory.

To set the title of the page at the top of the file include a line like so #### This is the title

The rest of the documentation can be written with simple markdown Github Style

If you wish to include or change any documentation only edit the files in the documentation folder. The docs folder is where paradox will build the final documentation to and should not be edited locally.

To build your documentation run the following command inside the sbt shell


If you are making a pull request please complete these steps to ensure there are no conflicts.

  • Delete all files inside the /docs directory.
  • Run updateDocs inside the sbt shell
  • inside the docs directory delete the following files
    • client-opt.js
    • client-opt-bundle.js
    • client-opt-library.js
    • client-opt-loader.js

Now you are able to make a pull request. For more information on contributing see Contributing

Document Last Updated on 28/03/2019